Here are the first drawings I’ve done, of the new main character. What I’ve decided to do with Soul-Driven, is focus on what was originally going to be the lore, the backdrop, the setup for the main sequence of events. It’s going to take place about 300 years before “the main part”. It will be a MUCH smaller cast of characters, with a focus on how the world came to be, and how magic was introduced.  When creating the main character, I got to thinking that although I want a classic, old school vibe, I don’t want a Conan. I don’t want a cocky, smart-mouthed hero, either. No, this guy is going to be above that, but not some shining white knight in armor. He’s an older guy, already having traveled a good bit of the world. He’s going to be fairly short, have a lean, fisherman build. I want him to come from the sea. He comes from living off of the waves, because I want it to be a summary of his character, and his life. Nothing is certain on the ocean, the currents are changing all the time. I want a hero that is able to adapt quickly to a situation, and be able to keep his head on his shoulders in a time of crisis.


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I don't really know what to put here right now. I'm sure I'll think of something awesome.

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