To understand where I’ll be going from here it’s, important to understand where I’ve been for the past two months. March saw me working alot to help a friend out with some bills, and April saw me transitioning into a new job where I’m making more money. The only wrench in the system was the fact that when I and another colleague started at this new job, 2 other employees started their month long vacation, which saw us (the two new guys) having to pick up the slack by working 5 days straight at a time, and usually 10-11 hour shifts. So ontop of being exhausted, the weeks have flown by and I don’t have any animation work to show for it.

My friends saw the change come over me, and I’m lucky to have such good friends because they sat me down and tried to see what was going on. Them talking to me made me realize that the past two years, I’ve been keeping my creative side locked away in a safe.

Let me back up.

I graduated art school in 2007, and got a job as an animator literally two days after graduation. Extremely lucky and fortunate, I know. The small startup company I got a job with started out great. The people I worked with, other graduates from my school, were very cool and fun to hang out with. The subject matter I was animating for was only mildly interesting, but the chance to improve my animation skills more than made up for it. A programmer at my job included me in his new project of making Flash games, and my love for animation was born anew– I loved the creating process and being able to go crazy (within reason) with my imagination and whip up some fun, yet educational games. Then alot of shady stuff started happening at my job and paychecks started bouncing. We stopped getting paid on a routine basis because of shady upper management, and so I left. It really put a bad taste in my mouth in regards to office work, so I went back to serving tables. I didn’t want to wait for bounced paychecks, I wanted money in my hand at the end of every night. For a few months at my animator job my bills didn’t get paid on time and it really stressed me out.

To make the most money right then and there and pay my bills, I set aside my animations for the moment (so I thought) and strived to pick up shift after shift. I got stuck in the money grind. Not because the money was awesome, but because the economy was starting to suck and money was actually getting scarce all over the place. So I would work as much as possible, and not have or make time, for my animations. To me, animating, the creation and all steps of the process, are like breathing for me. Being able to step into my mind and let out whatever is in there- out, is theraputic and refreshing. I just got stuck with tunnel vision on paying my bills. Becoming a bartender, switching restaurants, it was all the same- a temporary band-aid, not a solution to the scratch on my soul.

Well as you can tell with the creation of this blog, I was getting restless. But the past few weeks I almost got stuck in the grind again- no longer. Since I am doing alot better financially at this job, I’m working less, planning better, and animating more. I literally have years worth of projects that have been running around in my head forever, and it’s time to get them out. So I’m not going to finish that bonedance, I’m going to go through the process with you, as I go through my projects. I think it’s better that I focus on just pursuing my craft and exploring my talents, rather than trying to teach or guide. So this blog will become a reflection of memories and fantasies, I hope you enjoy!


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I don't really know what to put here right now. I'm sure I'll think of something awesome.

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  1. Erin says:

    You know, the old place completely killed my sense of creative drive as well. I was so disheartened by all of the terrible things that we went through, that I’m still kind of struggling to get that faith in the creative world back. But I’ve found new outlets, and I’m glad to see that you have as well. Money always seems to come first, but as long as you remember the creative goals that you have, you’ll find ways to work them into your schedule. I look forward to seeing what comes next!

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