Ironically enough, I’ve realized that over the past 7 years, the better of a communicator I’ve become with people, the less I actually communicate with people.  I’ve spent time learning how to share ideas in a positive constructive manner, solve alot of different problems with a few conversations, but alot of what I’ve been communicating is surface chatter, while expressing very little actual content with my words. I’ve always been a bit distant even with my closest friends, always a bit hard to keep in touch with, or really get to know.

I’m trying to change that.

So instead of just posting updates and feeling like I shouldn’t post if I don’t have any actual content to show you, I need to keep you guys in the know, keep you updated with what’s going on. Just a little bit of talking can make the biggest difference.

Lone Gunner. Lone Gunner was originally supposed to be about my friend Charlie. Back in highschool, one of my best friends got involved with some drugs, which lead to heavier drugs, which led to him getting expelled from school and spending the first few years after highschool…in a pretty shitty state of mind, state of living. We’ve all lost touch with Charlie now, but what I wanted to do with Lone Gunner (which has been bouncing in my head since early college) was to give Charlie a second chance. A chance at fixing things. I wanted to do a short animation series involving Charlie being a fighter pilot/drug addict, and due to succumbing to his addiction too many times, getting his whole squad killed. I wanted it to be a redemption story, an alternate path for him where he could make the right choices this time around, instead of the wrong ones that lead to him fucking up his life, and his parent’s lives.

I realize that now.  The other day I sent three of my close friends, who were friends with Charlie in highschool, a text telling them that I wanted to do an animation about Charlie. I asked them what they thought was the reason for him fucking up, what really drove him to his choices. They were there also, I wanted to have more than my view on how it all went down, so I could really be able to express him and his situation, truthfully. None of them replied. So I realized the above as I was trying to get at, and how out of the blue it must have been to get that text about a time in our lives that had happened so long ago.

I’ve been reading alot of, and alot of the articles with the developer interviews, because I want to eventually become a developer of 2d animated movies and games, so I need to start thinking like them. Two articles really struck a cord with me. First one is a recap of talk with Stuart Black, developer of the new game called Bodycount. Here’s the link:

His words below struck the cord with me, and made me realize I want the same thing:

“There’s a lot of bad, depressing things going on in the world in general. I don’t really need to see that reflected in my software. I want my software to be an escape.”

What I wanted to do with Lone Gunner, doesn’t have to be depressing, it doesn’t have to be about Drug addiction, and even making that animation for him wouldn’t change what happened to Charlie.  Then I saw this article-

“Nintendo designer Shigeru Miyamoto likes to base games on his interests and hobbies. Gardening led to Pikmin, for example. But what interest could possibly have inspired Zelda: Skyward Sword’s unique art style?”

I saw that and realized that along with my animation being fun, I want to really base it off of stuff I find interesting, or stuff I would love to see a 2d adaption of. So I’m putting Lone Gunner in a much more positive light, I’ve already worked out a loose plot and will be showing you more in the next few days.


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