As I’m finalizing the designs of the ship, I’m also researching about high-supersonic aircraft. Since I want the character to adopt a flight vs fight principle, I want the design of his craft to match that line of thinking. Here’s a quick bit I just found-

“Both of these aircraft employed very specialized inlet systems to bring high speed air into the engine. The XB-70 employed six special afterburning turbine engines while the SR-71 used an integrated turbo-ramjet. Because lift and drag depend on the square of the velocity, these aircraft did not require large wing area in cruising flight. Like any supersonic aircraft, the wings are swept in planform to reduce drag. For Mach numbers greater than 2.5, the frictional heating of the airframe by the air becomes high enough that light weight aluminum can not be used for the structure. The SR-71 was made largely of titanium, which has good high temperature characteristics, but is still light enough for aircraft structures. During heating, any metal expands. To allow for the expansion, slip joints are used in many places on the SR-71. On the ground, the SR-71 fuel tanks leak, and they do not seal until the aircraft heats up during flight. ”

Interesting. I definitely want swept back wings but I also want to keep a semblance of maneuverability. We’ll see how this works out.


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