So I’m at a point where I have the basic idea, the look and feel of the main character as well as the ship, all taken care of. It took about two weeks of research, and a few hours before and after work mixed in between, to get these things ironed out. I’m going to post the finalized designs, then spend an hour or so doing a few quick animations to post up so I can give you guys an idea of how I want the ship to flow through space.

Here’s the final look for the ship:

After looking at a vast variety of planes and even other people’s concept sketches of space ships, my goal as to what I wanted the ship to look like, evolved. I eventually settled on a six-engine idea, and I really like the way I have them laid out above. In my demo’s of how the ship will move, you’ll actually see that the thin outer triangle wings can actually fold and move depending on what the ship is trying to avoid or fly away from. I also want the ship engines to be able to rotate so I’ll be showing that as well. I finalized on the idea that I want to show beauty in motion, I want to give the idea of a ship flowing through space, not just flying through it.

Here are some other pages of sketches I did while going though the ship-deciding process:

Here’s the final design of how I want the main character to look. The reason he is out in space, is because this billionaire chose him and a few other scientists to go on this crazy mission of “mapping the galaxy”. He wants to also use this journey as an opportunity to find the soul of the universe– but his driving force is to find and record, the different sights and cultures of the galaxy. Therefore I want his spacesuit to be ideally fitted to preforming this task. The shoulder pads of his suit will have hundreds of tiny cameras (on the entirety of his shoulder) to have a 180 degree range on each shoulder availble to record and take photographic evidence of whatever he comes across. His helmet has a really cool way of attaching to his face (which I’ll have to do a demo of, later though). His main “face screen” ? (I guess that or “viewport” works) is like a giant camera lense with tons of techno gear to really record a wide variety of stuff, as well as give him readouts on his environment. I want his suit to also show temperature and mood change through color, which I kind of remembered that some fish on the series Planet Earth did. I can’t fully explain it right now I’d have to research that more to not sound like a total tool, but it seems like a really cool idea to me so I’m going to do it. The way I’m thinking, is that I want people to really fucking love just watching the animations, ya know? I’m not talking about pretty explosions or blood splatter effects, I’m talking about the little shit that you don’t really notice unless you focus on it.  I want these animations to be visual symphonies, fucking culinary food for your eyeballs. There’s a variety of different subtle things that I want to work in concert with eachother to really provide an awesome experience for you, the viewer.

Here is a page where I was sketching ideas for his suit, you’ll see his full suit and different abilites in the demo.

And here’s a page of warm up sketches I do to…well, warm up. I’m trying to just fill tons and tons of sketchbooks with figure drawings, to really skyrocket my ability into new heights.


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