So I’ve been behind on putting up work, but bear with me. Here’s how a working day of my life works, to give you a little perspective:

12pm- wake up
12:15- 2:40pm- Eat breakfast, shower, draw, get ready for work
2:45pm-1:15am- Drive to work, work , drive home
1:20am- Eat dinner, go to sleep
12pm- wake up

So on days I’m working, I get a little under 2 hours, to eat breakfast, shower and get ready for work. Oh, yea I try to throw some productive time for drawing as well in there. Mondays I have off, but I usually spend sleeping- I do get a little bit of work done. And then I have my other day off, which I use to talk to my friends and family, do errands for the week, relax and do some drawing as well. I’ve been trying to get my schedule changed for the past month and a half, but right now I work 5 days a week. So I don’t have anywhere near as much time as I’d like, to devote to my art.

Good news though! Things are changing, my new schedule next week should get me more time off, and I’m moving between Thursday and Saturday, so new surroundings always inspire creativity. Besides the moving, I plan to be writing up the story for the first issue of Sol, and I have been flipping between a few stylistic changes with Sol as well. I have at least 8 pages of sketches to update as well, but I really want to show you the demo pages when I show you those, to help bridge the gap from point A to point B.

So to put it simply; thank you for being so patient, please continue to do so for just a little bit longer! It’s worth the wait, I promise you!


About thiskidanimation

I don't really know what to put here right now. I'm sure I'll think of something awesome.

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