I didn’t realize I haven’t posted on here since I moved. It’s been a long time. My computer was out of commission for about a month and a half but I think we’re both pretty tired of excuses, yes? You’re here to see my artwork, and I’m here to share it with you.

Recent Work

That is a link to my facebook photo album, of my recent work.

Old Artwork

That is a link to my facebook album with my old artwork, stuff I’ve created over the past 5 years.

If you can’t view the albums, just send me a friend request and I’ll hook you up shortly. I have the privacy settings set to friend of friends, so most people that know about this blog will be able to look at the pictures.

So what happened eh? Been awhile. For awhile I was adjusting the work schedule and getting settled in my new place, but it’s been months and months since I even posted on here. I was slowly fumbling along with my art, but not getting the results I desired. Two people helped me change. I work at this three-star restaurant in DC called Birch and Barley, and the chef there (Chef Kyle) is fucking amazing. You know the whole motto of “if you want to be successful, look at successful people and do what they do”– well, that’s kinda what I did with Chef. One day during our pre-shift he was talking about how every dish that comes out of his kitchen has to be perfect, has to be excellent- all the time, every time. Hearing that kind of passion about one’s work really clicked something in my head- a lightbulb came on. The more I got a chance to pick his brain about his methods, beliefs and philosophies regarding work, the more I was able to see what I type of mindset I wanted to have. Don’t get me wrong, Chef is not some philosophical guru who gets up on a soapbox and prattles on about whimsical stuff- he’s a dude who knows what he loves to do, is really good at it, and commits 100% of himself to his craft. He’s also humble and down to earth, which is a big factor that I really want to maintain as I dig deeper into my craft.

The second guy is my dad. Man that sounds cheesy. But he is. You know I’m always going to him with these outlandish ideas I have for my artwork and what I want to accomplish and he’s always there to give me great advice, beliefs and philosophies that I agree with. I definitely see I get alot of my ambition and social abilities from him, so although we don’t hang out much, when I do see him every couple of weeks, it’s energizing.


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I don't really know what to put here right now. I'm sure I'll think of something awesome.

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