I had an idea a little while ago. I wanted to create a short promotional trailer, for a fake game. I’ve had people recently ask me about animation work that I’ve done, and instead of just having old stuff to show, I want to be able to share with them my progress. So along with the painting studies, drawing studies and literary work I’ll be doing, I also want to have a few animation examples everyone can look at.

In terms of a fake game, I wanted to do a promo for a flash game, something along the same lines as Metal Slug and Contra. The plot- Evil DJ Maleese is creating Techno Mutants to take over the world, and two dudes have to stop him. At first I was going to have just two main characters, and have 6 unlockable characters, 2 for each of the game modes. Yea, once I got this idea in my head I went into it full force. I thought about the different aspects of gameplay, visual design and how I could create something that I don’t see right now in flash games.

I have 8 different characters you can choose from, with 2 dudes on the screen at the same time.
5 stages (2 levels each stage).
3 difficulty modes – Training Bra Mode (Easy, you die after 2 hits), Bro-fficial Mode (Normal Mode, die in one hit), and Pro Mode (like Bro but with P) ((die in one hit, more enemies on the screen, less powerups/weapons, harder bosses)).
8 characters to choose from (Dudes)-
Sock’s O’ Hoolahan(Scout)
Metal Dude (Firestarter)
Pink Polo (Heavy)
Sweet Lips Jenkin(Ninja)
Biff Biffmiester the Third (Tank)
Hipster (Spy)
B-Boy (Pro)
“Stron-gar” (LARPer tech whiz)

As you can see, each character represents a different class. It’s a run & gun game, everyone has a melee and a ranged weapon. Each character gets a specific melee and ranged weapon depending on their class. They can swap those out for pickups but if they die they respawn with their deafult weapons. They also can collect different music cds that have different effects- when they get three cd’s of the same type (color) in a row, they can use these effects – aka 3 metal cds and their weapons light on fire, 3 techno cds and they get a techno shield, 3 hip hop cds and their weapons can freeze enemies, etc etc. That way the basics are really simple, but there is also a layer of strategy with which character you and your buddy choose, as well as which cds you want to collect and keep.

There are 5 stages- S1) Busted City, S2) Highway, S3) Mutant Swamp, S4) Burning Oil Derrick, S5) Techno Coliseum. Each stage will be split into 2 levels, and the second level will always have a boss. 5 stages, 5 bosses, 10 levels total.

So I’ll be doing a fake promo, which will be very short, probably a minute or less in length. I want to show 4 things-
– the 8 different dudes
– the battle system and the level of strategy (simple but complex)
– hipster solo mode (it’s a joke that will become clear in updates later)
– the different stages

Basically my goal, is to put it out there and have it be good enough of a teaser, where people actually want the game to come out. Here’s a outline of how the promo is going to go down-

I’ll be updating the blog tonight with more progress as I go, I want to have this ready to publish and share with everyone by Saturday or Sunday. Also here’s a sketch that I did for one of my dad’s book covers, it contains a giant shark which is always cool.

As always my “Recent Artwork” photo album on my facebook profile will have my most recent works first, but I also want to be able to share my art with you here, in case you don’t use facebook or don’t have me as a friend. Here, we’re all friends.


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