I had an epiphany today. So I was listening to music and thinking about different things I wanted to do with my art, and a specific story I could do came to my head. I wanted it to have an epic, fantasy feel to it, sort of like if you mixed the spider wick chronicles with lord of the rings. So I got to thinking and my brain was in a creative frenzy and I thought- I want to do a set of short stories. I want it to be a collection of short stories like The Chronicles of Narnia, SpiderWick tales, The book of Dragons, etc etc. At the same time, I want to generate a thirst for knowledge and improvement. Think about it, the curiosity for knowledge is slowly slipping away, and what’s left has become so clinical and boring. I want to bring the high, epic fantasy into it. So I want each of the stories to have an idea behind it, and this idea is going to come from something I was learning about around that time- say I’m reading about Physics. I want to either have a couple of things about the subject that I think are cool, or a certain principle I think is cool, and create a story around that.

That way I’ll be working on three things at once- my art skills, my storytelling skills, and on learning and spreading knowledge. I don’t need to teach people something with these stories. I just want to cause that spark, to ignite the passion for acquiring knowledge in people. If even one person decides to Wikipedia or delve into a subject after reading one of my stories, then my goal will be achieved. I’m going to call the call it “Tales from a Spec in the Universe”. Because that’s all I am, just a single spec in an epic, gigantic universe. I also decided to scan in my animations one page at a time, and combine them in Windows Movie Maker (available on most window computers, including my roommates and the one I’ll be buying). It will be very tedious and time consuming, but that way I’ll be able to share my animations while I spend the month of January (and maybe some of Feb) on buying Flash.Reminds me of a principle a friend told me about- finding a way no matter what!


About thiskidanimation

I don't really know what to put here right now. I'm sure I'll think of something awesome.

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