So I think a good compliment to this entire aspect of core evolution, of understanding yourself better, is if I have a separate section that shows what I’m writing in my journal. That way, hopefully you’ll understand me better, and have a visual representation of my progress as I evolve along with you. I’m on week 5 now, but I need to upload everything in my journal from week 1 to now. Here are my week one goals I made with Farhan at the beginning of this journey.


Week 1 Goals-

-Fill our rooms with positive quotes

-Facebook positive videos to eachother

-This list will grow

-Find our theme songs

-Define how we want to be

-Morning creative exercise




-Discuss and define our Measurable goals

-Learn something new and share it with the other person

-Build a book of positive thinking





-Define our how we want to be

-Reflect in our Weekly Progress

-Have trophies of our success

-Try something totally random




I have some stuff written in the front of my journal where I’ve tried to grow on my own in the past two years that I also want to put here in the next couple of posts. I think it’s all important stuff to showing that I wanted to do this type of rebirth, journey before but never got off on a sustainable and weekly path of achievement.


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I don't really know what to put here right now. I'm sure I'll think of something awesome.

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