-Women in media and animation


-Character acting

-Camera Work


-Character Creation

-How to celebrate individuality and variety

-Special effects

Women in media and animation


I’m tired of seeing cheap and uncreative ways of expressing chicks in animation and media. In the past 15 years or so animators have gotten lazy in terms of how they portray women. Women have always been portrayed with short skirts and tops to act as eye candy for a largely male audience- but they don’t always have to




The  backgrounds should have alot of characters but make sure they don’t overshadow your main characters, unless you want it to. Regardless of the style or mood of the animation, let your backgrounds envelop the viewers, and pull them into your world.




Animation is the imitation of life- the recreation of living, breathing experiences. Award-winning, realistic portrayals should be the goal. Instead of trying to set constraints on how and what should be shown, emphasized and focused on- I merely want to impress upon you the importance of bringing the soul of your characters to the forefront.

What makes your characters move? What drives them, pushes them, excites them?

When showing a full range of emotions, let the characters body and expressions do the work. The less your characters have to say to describe how they’re feeling, the better.



The above post was spread out over two pages in the journal, they were the last bit before I started writing down my experiences with this whole evolution.


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