–Animate Cheese Animation

–Wake up by 9am and lift three times

–Animate 5 minutes every day


–I should refine my workout schedule, make it more focused and give it variation

-To be more than a man to become an ideal, the set of ideas or core principles I believe in. Imagine the core set of principles are a streaming golden ball of energy shooting through space and time. To try and constrain that to one man is akin to putting a square peg in a circle hole. It just won’t fit.

-If anything, you’re a block of marble. That marble is your core principles. Or should the marble be ideas and philosophies, beliefs. You keep what you think is good and throw out what you don’t agree with. Whats left is the core you.

-I’m so lucky to have found what I love to do. So many people don’t know, which sucks. But I can help give them a chance to figure it out. Everyone deserves a chance.

– That Christmas part was a long, epic night. Threw me off for both Tuesday and Weds. I worked Tuesday and was in high energy when I got to work even though I only slept 5 hours. After work I came home tired– it was eating the Yums (chinese food) that was leftover from the night before at work (they had catered a bunch, reheated it and served it to us) for family meal. It made me feel sloppy. It’s all good though, whatever. Anyway I woke up Weds. morning, ate breakfast and then felt kinda tired, so I laid down. I slept for three hours! That day was not nearly as productive as it could have been.


So I’m going to write my journal entries, and then for the weekly goal pages, come back and edit in my results for the week. I have so much info to share given my time frame on my work days, I want to get the info out to you guys and then be able to come back and add to it later.


About thiskidanimation

I don't really know what to put here right now. I'm sure I'll think of something awesome.

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