Start meditating— all the time

Don’t think in your head as much

Think and talk less– just live in the moment and listen

Once you stop letting life be a distraction, then you can focus on enjoying it

Stop just thinking you are your thoughts

The breath– if you focus on your breath, your mind will be more relaxed and focused

Skills instead of pills– Farhan

Making steel– regrows and breaks

Being in the moment isn’t about denying or rejecting pain, but accepting the moment

More productive and more relaxed at the same time

The mind is a social product, you’re given beliefs and values–this is about finding your beliefs and values

Throw away the baggage that’s been thrown on you

Having expectations thrown on you–if you follow them you never get to experiment and enjoy life.

Society likes to order people around

No expectations, no restrictions

To become a free person you have to life your life

“The only reason I was feeling bad, was because I set certain goals I had to ascertain” –Farhan

The more you hang onto your breath, the more you need to exhale

Your mind wants permanence in an impermanent world

Imagine the world as a room full of radios blaring out noise— this journey is all about tuning them out and finding your own tune


Some of these quotes are mine and some are Farhan. We had a great time going over different things and philosophies about life that monday,  so I was just jotting down some of the really memorable stuff we were talking about.


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I don't really know what to put here right now. I'm sure I'll think of something awesome.

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