Week 4  Goals

-Work on The Blue Knight

-Refine workout schedule

-Fill room with positive quotes

-Read more


Cooking note- Baking one pre-prepared slice of chicken in oven: 12 mins at 350F was ok, try 14 mins, then let it rest in oven for 10 mins still wrapped and covered

New Core principle- To share with everyone the same amount of love, understanding and forgiveness that God shares with me through my family and friends

Transform the animation blog into a blog about self-improvement and self-discovery

Cooking tip- French toast: A couple eggs, milk, vanilla extract (1-2 tablespoons depending on the # of slices), 2 tablespoons of sugar, and the toast. Whole wheat grain toast is “alright” but experiment with different breads for best results

When I first installed the tablet to the laptop, the sensitivity seemed jumpy. I wonder why?

Farhan was right- I like mindmapping better than I like making lists. It’s just alot less restrictive and helps you see the big picture.

Writing organized blog entries and emails will help the others stay focused.

Workout notes- 3 sets of arm curls each arm- 15 reps, 15 pounds

Don’t let external factors interfere with your mood, focus your attention on the now


About thiskidanimation

I don't really know what to put here right now. I'm sure I'll think of something awesome.

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