-Write more

-Work more with TBK (The Blue Knight)

-Practice Tai-Chi

-Put refined work schedule into effect

Farhan’s goals

-Read before going to bed

-Wake up by 7am and meditate

-Go into DC alot more (to be more social)


Exercise notes- #2 Exercise isn’t effective in desk chair. I need to get a workout bench.


Results- I wrote a few pages of free-thinking stuff, which is to say I just let my imagination run wild. I approached the experiment as if I was finishing thoughts for a story that was already being written, or started a paragraph that would fit in the middle of a story.  I’ll post snippets in a little bit. I worked more with TBK (The Blue Knight), did a few more sketches where I’m trying to find a good visual fit for the characters. I know I have tons of sketches from when I first started doing TBK around here somewhere, if I find them I’ll scan them in for you all to see as well.

The Tai Chi dvd I bought was supposedly for beginners, but the guy instructing was moving way too fast for my liking and didn’t explain why he entered one pose or why said positions are being practiced. It felt like the second part of a 3 part instructional video even though it’s title is “Tai Chi for Beginners”.

I put the refined work schedule into effect and the results were immediate. More focused workouts are the way to go.


About thiskidanimation

I don't really know what to put here right now. I'm sure I'll think of something awesome.

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