-Research Yoga/ Tai Chi Exercises

-Create a fluid workout schedule for next week

-Buy Scanner and upload drawings

-Create character sheets for main characters of TBK

Results-  I didn’t research the exercises, I let that one slip. I did create a fluid workout schedule, and I think I’ll need to do one week-to-week, since each week I’m getting different shifts and thus will have to do different exercises on different days.

I bought the scanner and uploaded the drawings as you all can see- I did something a little different when it came to the character sheets for the main characters of TBK. I used the big drawing pad I have on the easel in my room, and for each page, wrote their name in the center. I don’t have actual names picked out, I just wrote “Boy” , “Mom”, “Dad”, but you get the drift. I then wrote around their names, words that defined them. For the boy I wrote words like “brave”, “hopeful”, “innocent”, etc. For the mom I wrote words like “loving, caring, warm” and so on. Then I used those as inspiration to help me create the characters. I wanted their defining characteristics to literally define how they look, as well.


About thiskidanimation

I don't really know what to put here right now. I'm sure I'll think of something awesome.

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