Sorry I had to keep you guys in the dark for so long- it was a psychological  thing for me.  A few months ago I did all the prep work for a short animation called 2 Dudes. I didn’t have Flash available, so I couldn’t fully do what I wanted with it. Once I got the trial version of Flash I knew I wanted to bring to life what I had been planning, but I was still rusty. So instead of announcing it and then puttering around doing it for months at a time (I literally didn’t have that time frame with the month-long trial for Flash), I decided to keep quiet about it, and work on not being rusty anymore. That meant perspective studies, color theory tests, and alot of time making stuff in Flash I literally didn’t plan to show anyone. I didn’t want to jinx myself too early. So the past few weeks I’ve been doing that, and 2 Dudes is almost done.  I’m really excited and although I could show you some sneak peeks, I don’t want to spoil anything early- especially since it will be fully done in less than a week.  What I can do today is post some of tests and studies I have that involve 2 Dudes, which I’ll be doing over the course of the morning. Oh and I haven’t forgotten about The Blue Knight (TBK). Once I have 2 Dudes out of the way, that will be the next art project I focus on.

I will also be buying the server space and a domain name for my website over the next few days, and starting the website. I want to have a simple, yet focused theme so I’ve been going over alot of different variations on how it can look. I’ll spend the month of April working on the site and releasing it to the public sometime after April 20th, but before May 1st. That will give me time to work out any initial bugs and have a solid starting point as it will improve over time. I’m definitely going to have the animated comics, but also I’ll be carrying over the “Check It” and “Art Education” sections, as well as a really cool system for learning new things. I just have to work on making it easily accessible, but contain layers of knowledge as well.


About thiskidanimation

I don't really know what to put here right now. I'm sure I'll think of something awesome.

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