As I was working through this animation, I realized I wanted to go full force into it. It’s already such an outlandish concept, so why stop when it’s just getting a little ridiculous? So the techno mutants needed a revamp. I started out with inspiration, looking all over (thanks Google Images). Here are some shots that I’m taking inspiration from-


That’s from the techno perspective, I also want to show actual mutation, so here are two images I got good inspiration from-


Here’s a scanned image of the drawings I did after looking over those-

I also decided since they would be techno mutants, the different types would be called “Varients” aka Tracks- Track 1 are Air Mutants, Track 2 are Earth Mutants, etc etc. They’re comprised of the material of their surroundings, both organic and inorganic. I want them to slowly turn the cities (and the planet) into a weird, funky hazy, distorted dimension like the blue and white techno picture up above. I want them to bounce in rhythm to an unheard techno beat as they move along, like sinister oompa-loompas.  Here is a colored version of a Track 2 Vairent-

I’ll be showing you more in-depth of how they move and react over the next few days.


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I don't really know what to put here right now. I'm sure I'll think of something awesome.

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