As I continue to improve and evolve, I have to make time for R&D- research and development. Here are some updates on what I’ve been up to over the week:

The Arts

I bought 3 plays by Shakespeare- King Lear, Mac Beth and Hamlet.  I read Hamlet in high school, but I didn’t really pay attention to it. I got the “No Fear Shakespeare” versions from spark notes, which includes the complete text of the play plus a line-by-line  translation for momos like myself. I want to broaden my depth of knowledge of the Arts in all forms if I’m going to really help the Art World, so I decided to start with Shakespeare.

Beer / Food Knowledge

The same day I got the plays (they were mad cheap btw, $5.95 at Borders each, you should hit it up), I also got a book on beer, called “Tasting Beer” by Randy Mosher. It’s really cool because he goes in-depth into the history of beer and the different styles, as well as suggestions for food pairings and is just a wealth of information. I’m reading a couple different books at once so I haven’t fully sunk my teeth into it yet, but the bits I have read have been awesome.


As I’ve been narrowing down the names/styles I want to use, I decided that I will need two websites. The first one I’ll create, will house my “fan-works” (animated comics/drawings on copyrighted material that I love aka videogames/fiction, etc)  as well as a portion of the site dedicated to providing everyone with opportunities to learn more and improve themselves. The second site will contain some free animated comics people can keep up with, as well as comics that they’ll be able to buy and read/download (I’m thinking like $2 bucks an issue, no set price yet), as well as an online store. I’ll also have a portion of that site dedicated to explaining about the different techniques and art forms I’ll be branching off and using with my artwork. I want the two separate because there are alot of ideas and subjects (Castlevainia, WH40K, Megaman, Redwall)  that I would love to give my spin on, without having to worry about any legal issues. Plus if any company wants me to take down any work related to their material, they will (hopefully) feel less inclined to sue my pants off me (I never found them, I bought some more at JCPenny) if said works are on a site that is not generating me any income whatsoever.

New skills/ Activities 

This upcoming week I’m going to look into Kickboxing lessons, as well as getting back into Salsa Dancing. It’s been like 3 years so I’m mad rusty. I also want to research about any places doing Tai-Chi lessons nearby. I’ve started weightlifting again last week so along with working out I want to learn how to swim (I can swim for short periods but I look like a rhino having a seizure when I’m in the water, so I’ll try to get to the point where I at least look like a dolphin having a panic attack). With the weather getting better I also want to get back into whitewater rafting, and maybe finally go skydiving this summer.

2 Dudes

I haven’t worked on it in the past few days but I will be hopping back on that again once my “weekend” (Monday-Weds) comes back around.

With all the different stuff I’m looking into and starting to try out, I have found that it (duh) takes alot of my free time! I consider everything listed above as a personal investment, and just like with R&D with anything, you need to put in time along with the materials to get any results. So I want to start off with making 2 hours out of my day (every day) devoted to personal enrichment. I’ll mix things up so it doesn’t get boring, but that includes reading the plays, reading about beer, physical activity, working out, etc etc.

I might not post here every day, or every other day (I don’t even know how often people blog, I guess I should check up on that), but trust in the fact that I am working my butt off. I need to know when it’s time to take a break, but it’s awesome doing all these different things at the same time, especially since I know I want to be a source of support and enrichment, and that this is the way to getting there.


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