The human being was not made for pleasure, was not made to gratify the ego, was not made to make money, was not made to have babies: it was made to serve something bigger than oneself. –Jacob Needleman

I have my homepage set at the DailyGood- a website that focuses on inspirational and uplifting stories that are going on around the world. Today I found an interesting topic- Jacob Needleman and his book ” Why Can’t We Be Good?” Here’s the intro paragraph, and I’ll post the link to the story below:

Apr 28, 2011— Philosopher and professor Jacob Needleman maintains that humans have the capacity for great good. In his book “Why Can’t We Be Good”, he explores what causes us to go astray, and what can help us to stay focused on what he believes is our purpose: to serve. In his book and the interview, offers one practical way of keeping on track–deep listening. Based on experience with many groups of students, he maintains that listening, without evaluation, judgement, or response, is the beginning of letting go of the ego and finding connection with other human beings. (1349 reads)

The full article


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