To start things off, how have you been? What’s the weather like where you’re at, how’s the daily grind going for you? I have updates now, as well as over the next few days. I’m aiming at saying more with less, these days. Here we go.

Continuing to narrow down my areas of improvement – As I’ve been treading through a number of different subjects, I’ve found that the less things I have to focus on, the more I can focus on them, and the more I can improve. This sounds like common sense but some things don’t sink in until you let them.

2 Dudes– Could have been alot better. I didn’t even finish it fully before the Flash Trial ran out.  A big problem of mine in the past, has been thinking up huge ideas, and then not properly following through. To put it in perspective, I have these great ideas (plant seeds), but I rarely take the time (and long-term commitment) to correctly water them and make sure they get enough sunlight. This means my projects have turned out to not be as good as they could be. I want to try this idea in comic form, which leads me to my next update.

Do I have enough patience for Full-Length Animations? I found some old comics I made in elementary and middle school. I remember having fun doing them and can’t really remember why I moved on to Animation. When I graduated from Elementary school I thought it would be the coolest thing in the world to have people pay me to draw stuff. I wanted to do newspaper comics but was worried I wasn’t funny or smart enough to come up with jokes every day. Somewhere near the end of high school I got it in my head to do animation. I think it was a combination of watching Cowboy Bebop and seeing a woman from the Art Institutes come by my school. When I was at AiW and I made my first character move, I knew I was in love. But as I’ve been exploring my options and what I want to do, I have kept coming back to the idea of animated comics- I want to see if my problem with actually finishing long animations is an attention-span problem, creativity-spark problem (once the fire for the initial idea is gone, so is my interest), or what. But in order to better know myself, this is a question I will have to ask and find the answer to.

So I have alot more I want to update on, but I want to work on my discipline in coming back often to keep people posted. So I’ll have to cut it short for now, stay tuned I still have to talk about the company I want to create to prepare me for my NPO and share the different science/technology articles I’ve been running across recently!


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I don't really know what to put here right now. I'm sure I'll think of something awesome.

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