So to continue with my updates, here are some websites that I’ve incorporated into my online time. I try to visit these sites daily, or at least every week if things get a little hectic. They’re awesome sites that help me stay up to date with the latest things going on, as well as help provide a little sunshine in my life.


Wired is awesome. It’s a fantastic site to keep up with technological and science news, current events and even some videogame stuff. The main reason I love to go here is for the technology articles- product reviews, highlights on new and exciting technological feats, etc etc. I go here at the very least, every other day. It’s just such a cool site.


Funny Or Die

I try to find something funny to watch every day or so, and Funny or Die always has something for me. I love their Hall of Fame because it has some great shorts with comedians like Will Ferral, Zach Galifinakas, Aziz Ansari, etc etc. It’s actually the site that introduced me to the comedy short series “Between Two Ferns”, which is awesome in it’s awkwardness. They even have comedy musical videos, some of which you can download the songs.

EDIT- WordPress is being weird and not letting me continue to write in this post beyond a few lines, leaving the rest blank. I have to head to work anyway, I’ll add more later.


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