If you know me personally or work with me, or have worked with me in the past I’m sure you’ve heard me rant on about how everyone has limitless potential– I want to spend my life giving people the opportunity to realize that. Well, that and help people enjoy their lives more. So I literally took 2 minutes in MS Paint and worked up a visual aide.

“Everyone” is represented by a lightbulb. I know I know, I could sell this for millions but I won’t, just for you. It’s yours. Take care of it.

That bulb in the bottom left is shining not because it’s someone at their max potential, it’s because they’re trying to reach their max potential. Sometimes a goal isn’t always meant to be reached, it’s just something to strive for (Bruce Lee thought that up, I just draw crappy pictures). Regardless of if someone ever reaches their “true, max” potential (that would just open up a philosophy can of worms debate), I firmly believe that at the very least if you’re trying to be awesome, that makes a world of difference. I don’t mean those half-hearted tries, either. I mean someone staying up that extra hour to study, riding 3 buses just to get to that second job to pay for whatever their kids need, going above and beyond to help someone just because it’s the right thing to do, not in hopes of any reward or special treatment. That’s awesome, and I think that simply by trying to be that awesome as much as possible, the person has a invigorating effect on others around them, other people that see and recognize a person is making that extra push to become better. Which leads to the third picture in my gallery event right here-

Bow. That’s how it happens. Now there is still more that I want to update on over the next few days, more stuff I want to go into but I have to keep going down my ToDo List before I head back into work tonight. The dry humor is because I haven’t gotten enough sleep- not a specific hour amount, you know how you feel when you’ve worked alot and even though you slept, it wasn’t enough? Where if someone asked you how many extra hours you would need you really couldn’t answer them, all you can say is “I dunno, any more would be awesome”.

Yea, I’m there right now. So my jokes might be whiffing, but I’m nailing this “consistent updates” mantra into my schedule so bear with me. Talk to you soon!


About thiskidanimation

I don't really know what to put here right now. I'm sure I'll think of something awesome.

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