So Ponoko ( in a nutshell, is an online personal factory. You create designs for ideas, they can make the stuff for you. You can also license your designs as well, so if someone wants to adjust or modify a design you’ve made, you can still get something out of it too. When I took a second look at this site, especially after deciding on the clothing company, I was estatic. If I could get someone to make my ideas for me, that gives me more time to come up with more ideas to help people, and start more autonomous, self-sufficient projects that can help people as well. My overall goal in the end, is to create a bunch of things that can run themselves (or require little input on my part), that are centered around helping people. Nurturing and strengthening the people is my path in life now. I guess it always has been, but it’s a different thing entirely when you focus on it, when you make that your driving force in life.

Sooooo, I dug a little deeper into Ponoko and found out they don’t do clothing. They create the stuff from the designs people give them by 3d printing, and laser-cutting for the 2d objects. Which is still cool, I can definitely still set up and sell stuff through Ponoko that will help people in the end.  Remember how I was talking before about ideas evolving? Well taking on the clothing company and finding Ponoko made me realize (before I found out about the limitations) I could make stuffed toys (I always have had a cartoonish style anyway, it’s perfect for stuffed toys) and do the same thing I want to do with clothing, with them.

What I will do, is create a site, that sells different things. Stuffed toys, t-shirts, etc. I’ll start off very small, and build and expand as I gain experience. I’ll also house the animated comics here, because that’s a great resource to pull ideas from for the t-shirts and toys. As I’ve done research, one of the biggest reasons for failure of any new business, is that it was rushed too fast. Ideas weren’t given time to germinate, to get polished, to reach out to a variety of different investors, etc etc. Tons of reasons, but the main point is that many people before have had a great idea, and got too excited/went too fast. I don’t want to do that. I also don’t want to sit on an idea for 6 months hemming and hawing, so I will take a few weeks to smooth out a business plan, get a website, theme, etc etc and initial designs and stuff. I’ll also take the time to try out Ponoko and other similar sites (I’m sure they are out there) to help finalize the details on how I’m going to proceed.

Yep. That’s what I’m all about.


About thiskidanimation

I don't really know what to put here right now. I'm sure I'll think of something awesome.

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