So Dance with Dragons is finally out. I’ve been waiting for the book for like 6 years. For those who don’t know about it, it’s the latest book from the fantasy series ” Song of Ice and Fire”. I just hit up wikipedia, the last book in the series “A Feast for Crows” came out in 2005. I love the series, and originally it was going to be one giant book but George R Martin (the author) decided it would be too much for one book and split it into two. His style for the series is to have each chapter from the POV of a different character. Usually a book will focus on only a few characters to make things less confusing, and Feast for Crows literally only had the characters I hated or didn’t care about. When I realized this shortly into the book, I was pissed but hoped that the second half would be out in a year or two. Man if I only knew how long I’d have to wait. I’m really excited though, because this book has (hopefully) John Snow, one of my favorite characters of all time. I literally just got home with the book like 15 minutes ago, going to start reading it tonight after work. All the books are long, but this monster is like 800+ pages, the nerd in me can’t wait. (To catch those up who don’t know, I literally grew up reading fantasy books and have loved reading since as far back as I can remember. Anyone remember the Redwall series? The Long Patrol? Man I’m a nerd. Whatever.


I was rambling. The reason I’m posting here isn’t so much about that book, that’s just to set the stage. So I’m in line and I see a sign saying Borders is donating books to charity, and to ask the staff for details. So as I’m getting my book, I ask the woman helping me. She gives me a bookmark with info on the foundation they’re working with, the Heart of America Foundation (link will be provided at end of post).  What they do is when I donate a book, the foundation will give it to inner city kids in the area (DC, Maryland and VA). So I’m thinking, if I get a book, some kid should too, ya know? Like, this is literally what I want to do for a living, but with art and art supplies. I get paid later today, so I told the woman I’d be back tomorrow to donate some books.Oh, and Borders is only doing this until mid-July; perfect timing!  It’s just so awesome, because I almost didn’t go to Borders to get that book, and then I would never have known about Borders doing this, and it might have been months before I found out about this specific Foundation. This is why I’m so happy, I know if I just stick to what I want to do, helping people, opportunities will present themselves.Life is awesome.

Heart of America


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