So Thursday night I was out on the patio- I had a fantastic time at the National Gallery of Art earlier in the afternoon. Anyway I have this table with this little girl and her grandparents, who were visiting from Tennessee. They were all really nice, and in the beginning the grandmother was trying to find paper for the little girl to draw on.She didn’t have any, but as a kid I was in a similar plight alot, so I told her I’d get some paper and some pens to draw with as well. We don’t have crayons available for kids, but I had a red and purple pen that different tables in the past few days had left behind. I got the little girl some paper to draw on and the pens, and throughout the meal she drew a bunch of different things, she was especially fond of drawing wolves. When they were almost done, she surprised me with a drawing of  her eating pasta (what she ate for lunch), giant “Thank you” in large letters and some other nice stuff. I was blown away (because that’s awesome), so I asked her to sign it, letting her know that all us artists have to sign our great pieces of work. I then couldn’t just not draw her something in return, so I got a piece of paper and wrote “You are Awesome”, drew a picture of a smiling sun with bubble eyes, and wrote “Thank you for being you” at the bottom. Seeing her face when she got it made my day, it was surprise to happiness to I dunno, fun- all in the span of like 3 seconds. That was an awesome second half to an already awesome day.

I went to Borders Friday morning and donated $56.64 worth of books to the foundation. I decided for my website, I’ll have a page dedicated to showcasing and keeping track of all the charity I’ve done and will continue to do. I’m going to need to have specific numbers when it comes to my NPO, so I’ll use this website again, as a way to gain experience. I have pictures of the books as well-

Ironically, the Wonderful Book in the corner was the most expensive, being at least twice as much as any of the others. I went for books that I either thought looked awesome (The Wonderful Book), books that I’ve read that have been awesome (Harriet the Spy, Great Brain Adventures), or books that I wished I had available when I was a kid (Wildlife and Dinosaur books). Here’s another view without the glare-

The guy at the counter was surprised when I told him I’d be donating all of them, I just wish I could have afforded to buy more. Baby steps though, baby steps! This was big for me because it’s the first time I’ve donated supplies for kids since I decided this is what I want to do for a living, and after I did it, as I was walking out of the borders I realized that was the single best and most important thing I’ve done all year. It felt great.


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