So yesterday after exercising in the morning and having a shower and some breakfast (thankfully not at the same time)- I tried the computer I’ve been using for the past couple of months and I got a blue screen of death with some jibble jabble on it. The computer I had when I first started this blog (for those that have been keeping up that long),was a few years old and it’s power supply conked out after a few months of posting here. It had been having some weird problems before then so I didn’t want to buy a new power supply and have it mess up again anyway- I wanted to save up for a new laptop instead. So while I was trying to pay off a ton of different bills, my friend let me have his old computer (the one in question today). He did tell me it had a habit of shutting off randomly, I think he said it had something to do with the fans or the power supply but I can’t remember- it was free, and I’m not going to complain about any free stuff coming my way. It’s worked great and it was fantastic having a computer in my room again (I had been using my roommates old laptop in the living room in the interim, which doesn’t have sound and I’m actually typing from it right now). It did shut off randomly like he said, but it started out as every couple of days, then in the past two months it’s happened more frequently. So now that I’ve paid off a fair amount (still got parking tickets to take care of), I can start saving off a little bit every paycheck so I can just get a new laptop and not have to worry about old power supplies or fans or any of that. I used to mess around with computers in highschool but I’d prefer not to dive back into them again- I just want to do art. So that’s where I am with that.

I’ve talked to some smart people over the past two weeks and it’s been strongly suggested I keep my website images, logos and the like under wraps until I get it all copyrighted and legal and stuff, so I’m going to do that. I was planning on going down to Florida to see my Goddaughter (she’s awesome) and her parents it’s obvious where she gets her awesomeness from)- but I’ve decided to stay home that week and bang out all the red, yellow and every other kind of tape you could think of. By that I mean all the legal stuff, get the designs done, website up and running, and buy the materials I’m going to need in bulk so I can (hopefully) get the website fully operational before the end of August.  It sucks because I haven’t seen Cali and her parents (Ash is going to kill me because I like to spell her name that way) in a few months, but I really have this feeling like now is the time to get it all done- I don’t know when I’m going to get 8 days in a row off again, and i just have this feeling inside of me like now is the time to do it. I hope I’ll be able to visit them sometime in the next few months.

Poetry is baller status! So what I want to to (and it’s why I have the Art Education section) is to help people continuously grow and learn- especially about Art. So I’m going to take a week, week and a half to study a specific Art form or style, and help you all learn about it- share what I’ve learned, and what I think about that style. So this morning while I was eating some Trix cereal I was reading up on Poetry, and it’s roots in Epic Poems. I love epic stuff, and looking up that stuff makes me want to read about the Epic of Gilgamesh (which I’ll be doing after I post this). I wanna say sometime next Friday or Saturday I’ll post up a few posts about Poetry.

I’d also like some Chinese food, but that would make me feel lazy and gross and I’m all about productivity right now. Maybe one night after I’ve done some work during my vacation (I realize how weird that sounds now..go figure).


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