Hey! When you’re busy you’re busy, and this past week has been no exception to that rule! I have alot of stuff I want to upload over the next 24 hours, but I’m going to do it in waves. I’m starting out with some sketches and doodles, then I’m going to post some poetry-centric stuff, then I’ll round things off with a second wave of sketches and doodles.

So I was messing around with the idea of drawing Gilgamesh, and right off the bat I want his head to be on fire. I don’t know why, it just seems baller. The top doodle was not manly enough, so I kept it evolving.

An evolution from the 1st page of doodles. He turned out differently in the end, but it’s still tight to see how he got there.

This is a page from my big art pad- the pad is too big for my scanner so I uploaded this image in 3 separate scans, but this old laptop is starting to bug out so I’ll edit the other two images in later. I just want to get the initial image in first.

Just some doodles.

My favorite page out of all of them. My buddy Ali pointed out this awesome page full of expressions (I’ll edit the link in later, the comp is slowing down alot now). I start drawing from the bottom right of pages because I’m left-handed (so I don’t smear everything) and work my way to the upper left hand corner, so as I rose up the page I added hair to the characters to gain experience. I love doing facial expressions, I’m so happy he showed me that page (thanks bro!).

Throughout all three phases, I’ll also be adding a new section to my categories called Philosophy, which will act as a home for all the inspiring quotes I want to live by, as well as the positive stories and  leaders/great figures I’ve been using as focal points and mentors over the past few months. If you want to change the world, first you have to change your self. To achieve this, I’ve immersed myself in material and books that contain stories or accounts of people striving for more, striving to improve, or just people that are awesome in some or all aspects. Like I’ve said before, I want to think and act like the man I am becoming, not the man people expect me to be– and I want to share these positive vibes, feelings and stories with you all as well.


About thiskidanimation

I don't really know what to put here right now. I'm sure I'll think of something awesome.

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