The first things I’m going to sell on my website will be t-shirts- It’s easy to buy the materials in bulk, and churn them out.  The main receivers of donations and gifts from my site, will be kids recently affected by a natural disaster or kids living in poverty. My thinking mode is this- the children I’ll be donating all these things to, will either have recently gone through, or have grown up through some horrible disaster that rocks their lives. So they need something to cheer up. With the t-shirts, I want to to uplifting, positive and happy designs. I’ll eventually be donating worldwide, and I want to focus more so on visual images, because smiles don’t have language barriers.

What I’ve been focusing myself to do, is to take the long view on things. The second item I want to sell on the site, will be stuffed animal toys. I want these toys to be awesome for the kids, because they probably won’t have alot of things to call their own anymore. I want the toys to be the kind of awesome support and delight for them, that they start building some positive and happy memories- they’re kids, no reason why they can’t be happy (as long as I have something to say about it). So I’ve been gathering reference sketches from friends and family, of their favorite cute stuffed animals- fuzzy, doughy, bright, happy- however you would describe them. I want to sketch people’s favorite stuffed toys because I want to get a feel for what really resonates with people on a whole- what (if any) repeating factors really struck a cord with folks when they were little. But that’s only half the equation. As I started collecting images, I realized it will also help to have reasons why these are favorites- so I humbly ask that you share your favorite memories with me, of your favorite stuffed animals when you were a kid. Why it was your favorite, any special story on how you got the stuffed animal,  what qualities do you think a good stuffed animal needs to have. Even if you don’t have that stuffed animal anymore, if you could let me know via commenting here, emailing me, post on my FB page, text me, whatever. I plan to start working more and experimenting with mateirals in September, and hopefully have a few to start selling by October, so I want to start gathering all this research data now, in August.

Thanks as always for the support guys! Without my family and friends I wouldn’t be able to help any of the people I want to. You guys are awesome.


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I don't really know what to put here right now. I'm sure I'll think of something awesome.

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