First off I want to say thank you– today it’s not even 2pm and we’ve hit 95 views, which is a day-high record! Wouldn’t be able to keep this up without everyone’s love and support, so thank you very much! Here are some of the stuffed animal sketches I’ve been doing over the past week. Again, this wouldn’t have been possible if my friends and family didn’t send me pictures of their old stuffed animals, or in the cases where they didn’t own them anymore, letting me know the names of your favorites so I could look them up online has been awesome. I’ve also asked people to share with me their memories of their favorite stuffed toys, and why they were their favorites and I got a few recurring themes — the toys made them feel safe, were given as a gift from loved ones (which adds a extra special layer of love) , or (and this one was a surprise to me) – the people actually felt like the stuffed toys needed to be protected, or were afraid that no one else would buy them and take them home (and thus wanted to give them a good home). It’s really amazing to wake up and see a few picture messages from different people with their memories and favorite toys- I think over two days I got like 8-10 different animals from different people when I would wake up. So in short, if you’re reading this you are awesome, if you’ve helped me in any way, from answering a question, giving me your opinion (which I value highly if I’ve been asking you alot) — you are fantastic, amazing and I can’t thank you enough. Pictures!

Gilgamesh is on the way- I actually had this really cool idea- I”m making an epic vertical mural of Gilgamesh and his adventures. It’s 6 pages, two pages side by side, going down three times. I thought this would be the most effective and awesome way to try out a mural to round out my Poetry focus. I’m changing mentally and my focuses are changing as well- instead of hinting over and over I’m going to do this or that and eventually get it out all half-assed like I’ve done in the past, I wait until I get the full results I want, and then lay it out on you. That’s why it’s taken me so long to get these stuffed animal pics up, I wanted to put up my favorites and that involves alot of trial and error. Same with Gilgamesh- words are wind, results are what matter to me. I don’t want you guys to think I’ve forgotten about it or am shying away from it, which is why I’m letting you know now. It’s coming, and I’m debating on either coloring it with markers or coloring it once I get this Adobe Illustrator trial up and running on this laptop.  Either way I want it to be awesome. Stay tuned!


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I don't really know what to put here right now. I'm sure I'll think of something awesome.

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