Sorry it’s taken so long. This past week has been full of me either working or trying to get sleep when I can, and a little bit of enjoying my time off sprinkled in there as well. For every picture I scan in and show you guys (especially if they are sketches), there are at least three other pages that didn’t make the cut. I’ve decided to start showing those as well, since every now and then certain corners of those pages are where the true magic of discovery, of me combining certain aspects really mesh together and thrive. It’s all apart of the process, and I think looking at all the artwork will be more enjoyable.

To help illustrate the type of planning I’ve done for this, I’ll also show you how I’ve outlined the progression of the story in the tablets, and what I’ve done for the support characters as well. Here is the tablet breakdown-

I broke the descriptions of the tablets into three sections- The characters appearing in each tablet,  any specific imagery that might stand out, and the locales/backgrounds to think about.

Here is the list of Support Characters that I started as well, so I could go about sketching them individually-

Here are some character sketches for Shamat, Shamesh and Humbaba –

And here is the first tablet inked, and partially colored. By the time you read this I’ll probably have the fully colored version posted up along with more tablets- but I want to have this one out there for the early birds. Once they’re all inked and colored, I’m going to make a cohesive post with a Cover and End tablet, and have the story laid out from the first to last tablet. Wrap it in a bow, so to speak.


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I don't really know what to put here right now. I'm sure I'll think of something awesome.

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  1. Really liking how this is turning out. We need to get together, I have some ideas I would love to discuss with you.

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