2 more things. I’m going to try to update my blog with artwork the same time I update my FB account, that way the blog isn’t a few days behind in showing my work. I’m branching out and doing alot of different things so I’ll keep you all in touch as much as possible.

Knowbits are pages that have images as well as bits of knowledge. Here are my first two.


I drew this in the same way I drew in Middleschool or Highschool when I was bored. Bits of whatever I was supposed to be listening to, along with random drawings. The bottom three were supposed to be baby flying squirrels, but I got off track but liked where it was going and just went with it.

Tron is tight. Doing research for this opened up the idea to do another Tron piece. It’s going to be tight.

Here is just a page of doodles I did to warm up.


About thiskidanimation

I don't really know what to put here right now. I'm sure I'll think of something awesome.

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