Sorry for the late delays, I haven’t had internet at my place for the past few days and I’ve had to wait until I’ve been at my friends house to upload these pictures. His daughter’s first birthday was earlier today so now that things have settled down I can take some time and show you guys what I have for the Big Bad Wolf! So in my story,  I have a Lil Wolf and a Big Bad Wolf, here are their final versions-

I don’t know when you might have last read the actual Little Red Riding Hood story, but the wolf character is a sneaky little bastard.  I wanted to capture that, but like the rest of this story, I wanted to add a little twist to this. So I thought it would be cool to have two wolves, in a symbiotic relationship of sorts. I wanted to have one wolf lead the prey in, and have the Big Bad Wolf actually be unable to quickly/easily hunt, but have enough power to take down whatever prey that came within his reach. So to start off with getting used to drawing wolves, I started by looking at some of Preston Blair’s version of wolves, he’s a great animator that’s written a few books.

After that I started looking at some actual references of baby wolves and adult wolves. Google Images is amazing-

From there, I had a good idea of how I wanted my Baby Wolf to look, but I wanted to put a steampunk twist on him-

I did the face grill as a little homage to the Jason mask, and I took off some of the detail off the tail to clear up the overall design of the character.  I thought about how the Baby Wolf would use his cunning to lure the prey, but then I thought about how he would actually get down and “eat” his prey? Then I thought about garbage disposals and meat grinders, and came up with a cool way for him to eat-

With the Big Bad Wolf, it was alot harder to think of the best overall design, but once I had it in my head it kind of flowed out like water. So I wanted to make him slow and lumbering, but I didn’t want him completely immobile. As I was driving around, I saw Dump Trucks and thought that would look cool, if I merged a wolf with a giant dump truck. Then I also thought about throwing tank treads in. Didn’t work so well-

I didn’t like it, felt too boring and not enough steampunk.  I thought it would be cool to have the Big Bad Wolf dragging himself along, like he was so old and decrepit, he was literally falling apart. His back legs have rusted through, which is why he needs Lil’ Wolf to bring the prey to him.

I still wasn’t happy, I wanted to keep aspects of a tank, but still have him clawing his way towards his prey. Which is how I ended up with-

The detail was easy to add afterwards, and I was able to keep a tank chassis as well as have the back haunches be the tank wheels. Construction Digger Claws form his front paws.

After all the crazyiness of this week, with me moving and getting ready for the party today and work, I’ve decided to release the book on this tuesday, March 27th at 9pm. That way I can go to Kinko’s and literally get my book created into an actual book, as well as release it on the internet in the same day.  I’ve gotten such awesome feedback from people seeing the other character spotlight that I want to build up more anticipation through this spotlight and the Granny spotlight as well, so that Tuesday night people will be itching to see this thing fully fleshed out. I can’t wait,  like I’ve been telling my friends, I spent more time researching the different aspects of this entire story and it’s characters, than I’ve spent on entire time on other projects- by that I mean concept art, research, actual work, everything. It’s been such a wonderful experience, this is the project where I’ve really been able to re-connect and reaffirm why I fell in love with creating art in the first place.


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