I’ll have to update my reasoning’s for the drawings later this afternoon, here are the images. I’m literally supposed to be at work right now, lol.


UPDATE- Here are the reasons and explanations of why I went through this evolution of the Granny design. I was working a double yesterday and didn’t have enough time between shifts to properly update. Here we go!

Granny is, in a nutshell, everything that Little Red wants to be when she grows up. An independent, strong-willed and creative inventor.  Alot of versions of this tale showcase Granny as being kindly but weak, and (spoilers lol) eventually getting eaten by the wolf. Well I wanted to go a different route, and show her as a role model for Little Red, someone who instills the proper values and gives her inspiration.  So right off the bat, my main inspiration in her character design was Rosie the Riveter, from the world war 2 posters.

I first wanted to get some drawing experience down with drawing grandmothers in general. I’ve done it before, but I wanted to refresh my memory so I looked through different photo books I have and fused that with my idea of a Rosie-inspired Granny. I wanted a bandanna but styled and colored differently. I also played around with the amount of wrinkles, as well as the hairstyles.

I really liked the bobs of hair, it helped make her character seem soft to me, but not weak. I didn’t go with a huge amount of wrinkles because I wanted to imply a sense of vibrancy in her, despite the hardships of the world around her. I kept her skinny because it’s a post-apocalyptic steampunk world, so there really aren’t alot of larger, heavy people except for the rich upper class.

Here I was playing around with the line style and how I wanted the finished paintings to look. I liked a little bit of sharpness to the lines, but I didn’t want to drown out the beauty of the colors or bore the eye by constantly having a huge amount of line work. So I decided to leave some gaps in between the lines and let the weight of the color do the talking.

For her tornado of color I just went silly mode.

And there you have Granny! Lots of tools to help her when she’s knee deep in machinery, glasses as well as goggles depending on what she’s looking at, and a Rosie-Inspired bandanna. I want her posture to say ” We Can Do It!” Which is the type of attitude she inspires in her Granddaughter.



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