I’ll be continually updating this post.

Update Update– I spent awhile thinking about how everything was coming along, and how the pieces were coming out. I really felt like after all this scanner mess and the painting, all of it…I was letting other factors decide how my artwork was going to turn out. That’s pretty much the opposite of what I should be doing. So I decided to not let the size of a scanner determine the size of my artwork, or acrylic paint decide how muddled things were going to be, or even the original color choices I had for the background decided how boring and over saturated my pieces were going to turn out. So here is Little Red Riding Hood, on 11×17 comic book paper. I have decided to complete and upload the story in Ink, before I add color to it. I want to have about 10-12 pieces total, instead of the 50 bajillion my last remake was turning into. I also want my actions to speak louder than words and empty promises, which is why I waited until I had at least 4 done before I uploaded any. I have the 5th done, but I have to wait for the camera phone my friend has to become available in a little bit before I can upload it and show it to everyone. Here are the first four pieces-



UPDATE- The biggest thing I’ve been focusing on with all these remakes, is quality. I want to be able to proudly show my artwork to anyone who asks about it, and in order to do that, I want to be sure I’m putting out the highest quality artwork as possible. My acrylic paintings, even before I scan them in, aren’t up to the level I want this story to be. So as you can see with Page 4 and 5, I’m doing this story in maker and black ink. Clean lines, vibrant colors, no smudges or shoddy color variation throughout like with those first paintings. Now I also understand 70+ people have been visiting this blog daily patiently and eagerly awaiting the next pieces as they come out, so I’m going to finish the story in marker, and once the other pages are up, I’m going to go back and redo the first 3 in marker. That way I keep providing fresh artwork for you guys to look at as soon as I can. Thanks again guys, couldn’t do it without your support!


Do you want to hear a story? Now I know these type of things usually start out as “Once upon a time” and all that rubbish, but this isn’t your average fairytale and she isn’t your average little girl. Who am I talking about then? Ah yes, well let’s jump into it, I’m talking about Little Red Riding Hood! We all call her Little Red.

You see, Little Red Riding Hood was what she was called, because her Granny (a nice old lady if I do say so m’self) made that lovely red hood for her to keep the chill out o’ her bones. So when she pops off to the factory in the early mornin, and comes back late at night she can at least keep a proper bit o’ warmth in her.

Lil’ Red loved her dear Granny more than anything in the world, and wanted to be an inventor just like her when she grew up. So while the other kids were sleeping or playing in the little time they had to themselves, Red had her head buried in her Granny’s books.

” To be an inventor, you have to be willing to make mistakes, and be open enough to let your passion and curiosity work hand in hand.”

Granny taught her that, and Little Red wasted no time in making as many mistaken inventions as possible.

This story, and the bit o’ trouble little Red got herself into came about with the creation of her Ladybug hot water bottle jetpack. Yes you might need to read that name again. If I tried to explain how it worked, Little Red would have my sideburns for sure, and I’ve rather grown fond of them so you’ll just have to think of that by yourself.

Like all of her other projects, Little Red had been gathering scrap from all over town, but Granny had told her not to try any more of her inventions in town because it wasn’t safe for the other people. Poor old Granny meant well but that just made Little Red bounce off to the Steam woods to try out her little jetpack.

Ugh, what a place. I spend most of my time here and I can tell you, it’s not a bag of sweets and goodies, glory me it is not. The roofs of our factories are full of steam pipes and undesirables who have nowhere else to go. Not a place for a sweet little girl like our Red here, I can tell you that. Anyway, after the last shift whistle blew and all the workers started to head home, Little Red snuck off.

Little Red started up the jetpack and was off like a rocket! Success! At least, until the jetpack conked out. You see, the jetpack in it’s current status, could only work for limited amounts of time.

Thankfully, a pile of trash helped ease her fall from the sky. Her graceful descent didn’t go unnoticed though, which is where the trouble began.

It’s when he showed up.

Imagine her surprise at seeing a baby wolf! Now doubly imagine her surprise, when this wolf cub spoke to her.

Wolf- ” It looks like you had a bit of a tumble there, sweet one. ”

Lil Red- ” How delightful! You can talk! Oh, I’m quite alright, I’m little Red, pleased to meet you! ”


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