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So after looking at that I thought ” wow that would be awesome to have clothes that could light up”. Then I thought, why not just make clothes that can do that? But not just like stuff you see out of TRON, normal clothes with slick lighting options to make your clothes look super tight. I decided that it would be cool to do that– but given my past experiences, I realized I usually dream really big, then don’t give my dreams the proper ingredients for success. Basically I dream too big. But that’s ok, as long as you understand and move forward knowing that. So I stepped it down a little bit, and decided– ” what would I need to do, to get to the point where I can start making and selling clothes with sewable circuitry and stuff like that? ”

That’s when I came up with the idea for a clothing company. I start out with that, and once it’s up and running I can use some funds for some R&D (Research and Development, man I love R&D) to get the lights into clothing idea, a reality. So I started asking people I knew if they had a sewing machine, and started looking at prices for used sewing machines. My thinking is, if I want to start a clothing company, I want to know the in’s and outs, so I wanted to start from the ground up. I also gathered materials to to some ground stage testing (I walked into the Michael’s craft store and honestly had no idea there was a difference with knitting and crochet). I bought a sewing kit, and some starter materials for Crochet.  The starter Crochet kit I got actually sucked in terms of directions, the “easy to follow” guide acted like I already knew the basic way to hold the tools and a few beginner knots (which I had no idea about). The internet saved the day because it took like 2 seconds on youtube to find some lessons.

The way I see it, it will take awhile to get good at making clothes. The first 200 attempts are going to be full of ups and downs, but the next 200 I make will be pretty tight. I decided I could start out with t-shirts, and that second set of 200 could be donated to people affected by natural disasters (that was right around the time all the hurricane and flooding in the midwest was happening, and Japan had just been dealing with their earthquakes. After that I would have done like 400 shirts so (hopefully) I’d be pretty alright at it. This idea further evolved when I re-found the site Ponoko.com

My friends are almost here though, I gotta go meet them at Blockbuster. This is the first 4th of July since 2008 that I am not working on the National Mall with the Red Cross. It’s weird but kind of awesome to actually have the day to chill out- I’ve been doing these posts in waves today to help myself work on consistency and dedication to posting. Enjoy your day everyone!

EDIT- And yea I’ll continue with my story from there, just going to relax for a few hours first!


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